St Andrews is absolutely full of history and heritage.  A centre of Christianity, St Andrews Cathedral (only 250 metres away from Westburn Court) was built in 1160 and was the largest building in Scotland for hundreds of years. It was dismantled in the Reformation, with the stone being reused in other buildings in the town. Today, the “Way of St Andrews” terminates in cathedral - once the largest church in Scotland, It follows routes that were popular with pilgrims in the 11th & 12th centuries.You can climb St Rules Tower for stunning views of the town.

Historic Saint Andrews Cathedral is only 250 metres from Westburn Court Bed and Breakfast.

Explore St Andrews

Although best known for its university and as the Home of Golf, St Andrews has much more to offer visitors. Westburn Court Bed & Breakfast is located in the heart of the town, and a central location for exploration.

Look beyond the town too.  The surrounding area is full of the sights and sounds of rural Scottish life. It also has a few surprises in store, and we’ll be glad to tell you some of our local secrets!

Located in Fife, on the east coast of Scotland, St Andrews has a temperate climate.  You can explore it in comfort almost any day of the year.

St Andrews Castle is a spectacular place to visit.  Be sure to so the bottle dungeon!

There are a number of churches of all denominations in St Andrews.  We can provide information about their locations & times of services.

The ruins of St Andrews castle are located on a rocky cliff over the North Sea. Ruined and rebuilt many times during wars and rebellions, it was the site of a famous siege following the murder of Cardinal Beaton. The bottle dungeon is another must-see sight.

Other Things to Do

St Andrews in Scotland has lots of specialist shops.

There are many shops for everyone in the town centre, from national chains to independent speciality stores.  These small shops tend to be staffed by their owners, who take pride in the quality both of the products they sell and the standard of their customer service.


You can often see local runners emulating the Chariots of Fire film on St Andrews West Sands.

The West Sands at St Andrews is a beach of exceptional quality, regularly being awarded a Blue Flag and winning many seaside awards.  This is, of course, where the film “Chariots of Fire” was filmed.  Even now, you can spot groups of runners training on the beach.


Be sure to explore the fishing villages in Fife's East Neuk - one of the most beautiful places in Scotland.

Just a few miles from St Andrews, the East Neuk of Fife is one of the most picturesque parts of Scotland.  A string of pretty fishing villages, with a never ending series of narrow lanes and quaint houses, the East Neuk is the perfect day out of town.

The East Neuk

A Medieval Town and A Centre Of Christianity